/ July 15, 2017

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Quest Company! To skip the backstories, go to the 4:40 mark of the episode.

Previously: It’s been an… interesting first night in Dagger Point. Tabitha showed some cleavage, Frank got disassembled and reassembled, and Roarke got a butcher knife stuck in his chest. George, the proprietor of The Cat’s End, is very dead and the gang is glad they didn’t eat any of that meat. Because it was people. The meat was people. Yum.

This episode: Our daring delinquents are now on the trail of the mysterious plague cult. That can only mean one thing… a trip to the brothel.

Dungeon Master: Andrew Johnson / Tabitha: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Frank: Joe Cash / Roarke Blackwater: Jonah M. Jackson / Dan Dantonite: Nelson Tilley

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  1. This is great! Just wondering what the song at the end of the episode is??

    1. It is actually an original song called “Halt” by our own Joe Cash!

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