/ October 25, 2017

Welcome to Episode 17, the first episode of Season 2 of The Quest Company! To skip the backstories, go to the 5:54 mark of the episode.

Previously: After narrowly escaping the sacking of Dagger Point, the gang made their way south through the Hollow Woods in an attempt to keep soldiers from following them on their way to Crestport. After Roarke and Tabitha spotted smoke in the distance, Zara and Corin got closer and saw the smoldering remains of a town called Weltrom. Frank yelled for Ceidron. Like a lot. A few arguments and one sweet headshot later, the party arrived at their destination.

This episode: Our harrowed hooligans made it back to Crestport, moving past trees of hanging soldiers and finding themselves in a sleeping paradise. And who was waiting for them? That good ol’ horny boy, Ceidron! Even though things went a little awry for the gang there at the end in Dagger Point, he does have his end of the bargain to uphold…

Dungeon Master: Andrew Johnson / Tabitha: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Frank: Joe Cash / Roarke Blackwater: Jonah M. Jackson / Zara: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Inquisitor Corin: Joseph Leitess

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