/ October 31, 2017

August 24, 1979. Newridge, Oregon.

The Woods are lovely, dark, and deep. Out here, in the Siskyoe National Forest, time slips away between the Pines and Maples. Perhaps Time itself gets lost wandering through the trails.

A missing sister. Faces in the fog. A curl of smoke off Magus Lake.


To find Mae, Wendell grasped the unknown. To protect his closest friend, Colt risked life and limb. These three walk out of the woods and towards home, safety, and civilization.

But they must know, listener – surely they must know…

That although they’ve returned to Newridge, they’re not out of the woods yet.

Game Master: Joseph Leitess / Colt Booth: Andrew Johnson / Wendell Akers: Jonah M. Jackson


Jonah M. Jackson – “Lovely, Dark, Deep (Newridge Theme)”

Tabletopaudio.com – “Forest at Night”

Monplaisir – “Il y a un bout de ciel bleu”

Pablo Perez – “One of Those Nights”

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