/ February 19, 2018

Finally. They’re coming.

All the children. Hungry children. 

Under Forest’s skin. Bruising. Purpling.

Lapping at life with jaws and suckers and proboscises. 

Longing for the real prize. Waiting for the feast. For Newridge. 

In this episode: Masks. Maw. Horsepower.

Game Master: Joseph Leitess / Colt Booth: Andrew Johnson / Wendell Akers: Jonah M. Jackson


Jonah M. Jackson – “Newridge Theme (Lovely, Dark, Deep)”

Tabletopaudio.com – “Forest at Night” “Spire: The Hatchery”

Steve Combs – “Hold Music”

Komiku – “Fight, Run, Breathe Deeply” “Friend’s Theme”

Jason Shaw – “Night Rave”

Additional Sound Design by Henri Vartio

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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