/ April 9, 2018

In Part 3, The Gamblers worked on their respective plans, whether those plans were for killing the king or for getting each other into bed. Now with one member of the party flying solo while everyone else is trying to get frisky, make some art, or work on a longer-term assassination plan, who knows what’s going to happen?

Certainly not the Dungeon Master!

Dungeon Master: Jonah M. Jackson / Nikolaj Winther: Joseph Leitess / Doria Whitrook: Dakota Collins / Van DeVors: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Cait: Andrew Johnson / Lindsay Rowland: Brooke Muriel Ferguson


Tabletopaudio.com ? “Temple of the Eye” “Cathedral” “Dungeon I” “Middle Earth Dawn”

Kevin MacLeod ? “Impending Boom” “Canon in D Major” “Divertissement”

Kai Engel ? “Nothing” from the album “Chapter One / Cold”

Art of Escapism ? “Streets of Sant’Ivo” from the album “Good Morrow ~ Modern Renaissance Music”

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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