/ May 27, 2018

Previously: The gang got themselves together and started making their way to Emberstone. Late during the night, they had an unexpected “visitor” at camp. Roarke taught Tabitha a little about cooking. Frank tried (in his unique way) to keep everyone from getting eaten. Corin got smashed. And Zara got extra crispy.

In this episode: With Shalba dead and Gurz on the run, everyone is settling back down for the night. Our roughed-up renegades are on track to get to Emberstone, so hopefully they won’t encounter anymore… unpleasant surprises before they make it into the city.

Dungeon Master: Andrew Johnson / Tabitha: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Frank: Joe Cash / Roarke Blackwater: Jonah M. Jackson / Zara: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Inquisitor Corin: Joseph Leitess

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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