/ May 31, 2018

In Part 5, the rest of The Gamblers worked their way into Willowwind Castle. And by worked their way in, I mean walked through the front door on a guided tour. Now that things seem like they could go south Very Quickly, it’s time to bust some new friends out of the dungeon and get while the getting’s good.

What better to keep a low profile than causing a jailbreak?

Dungeon Master: Jonah M. Jackson / Nikolaj Winther: Joseph Leitess / Doria Whitrook: Dakota Collins / Van DeVors: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Cait: Andrew Johnson / Lindsay Rowland: Brooke Muriel Ferguson


Tabletopaudio.com ? “River Town” “Elven Glade” “Dungeon I” “Sewers”

Purple-planet.com ? “Wood Elves” “The Big Score”

Kevin Macleod ? “Impending Boom” “Corruption” “Hot Pursuit”

Joseph John Cash ? “The Technical Difficulty Samba”

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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