/ June 11, 2018

Fresh off the RAILS, pard? I can tell. Makes my head spin too.
Why not grab a drink at the Stars and Stripes. Getcher bearings.
Take a breather. Town’ll still be here when yer done.
Yodeling. Terminations. Standoff.
GM: Joseph Leitess / Dr. William Stoisberg Fajitski: Joe Cash / Abraham Claiborne: Jonah M. Jackson / J.E.5.5.1.E: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Margaret Lee: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Bullwark: Andrew Johnson
Joe Cash – “So Long Snace Cowboy (Manifest Theme)”
Tabletopaudio.com – “Crossroads”
Chris Zabriskie – “Air Hockey Saloon”
Vexed to Nightmare – “Cowboy”
Lumpfish – “The Doctor”
Doctor Turtle – “The Talons of Adventure, The Antlers of Romance”
Cobra Avec Logo Panthre – “Tumbleweed”
Jimmy Cousins – “Cowboy Samurai”
Additional sound design:
Zagi2, Scream Studio

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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