/ July 31, 2018

In Part 6, half of The Gamblers orchestrated a jailbreak from Willowwind’s dungeon while the other half found an alternate and very unpleasant path to the same dungeon. Now that (mostly) everyone is back together again, there’s ooze to fight and fugitives to keep hidden.

Sounds simple enough, right? …Right?

Dungeon Master: Jonah M. Jackson / Nikolaj Winther: Joseph Leitess / Doria Whitrook: Dakota Collins / Van DeVors: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Cait: Andrew Johnson / Lindsay Rowland: Brooke Muriel Ferguson


Tabletopaudio.com ? “Sewers” “Docks District” “Dungeon I” “Medieval Town”

Purple-planet.com ? “Soul Food”

Kevin Macleod ? “Impending Boom” “The Descent” “Corruption” “Smooth Lovin”

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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