/ September 3, 2018

Previously: Zara’s vision of the Sapphire Phoenix led the gang into the mines of Emberstone in an effort to save a stranded and dying Tabitha. Frank was delighted by the local terrifying bug creatures. Corin, not so much. Roarke helped the group come to a compromise for exploring deeper underground.

In this episode: With Tabitha found and back from the brink of death, our reunited renegades are continuing their search for Volkner and his Red Sentinels. As they travel deeper into the depths, who knows what will happen! Perhaps an up-close encounter with the local fauna?

Dungeon Master: Andrew Johnson / Tabitha: Brooke Muriel Ferguson / Frank: Joe Cash / Roarke Blackwater: Jonah M. Jackson / Zara: Sarah Katherine Zanotti / Inquisitor Corin: Joseph Leitess

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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