/ April 1, 2019

Stars tell thee naught of what they see;

Gods can do aught except through thee;

Seek thou what is but should not be,


As surely as A’Tuin carries us through the vacuum of space, within this podcast thou shalt find:

Angua. Ramlligator. Artillery.

Game Master: Joseph Leitess / Charles Deadwick: Joe Cash / Crusty: Jonah M. Jackson / Edward Valender: Joel Ruiz / Genovia Gingersnap: Delaney Keith


Joseph Cash – DISCWORLD!!! Theme & Sweet Dobro Jams

Tabletop Audio – Endless Voyage, Secret Garden, Noir Procedural

Dunai – Wizard’s Mask

Soft and Furious – Ocean Ending

Guitar Wizards of the Future – Crystal Balls

Nathaniel Wyvern – Sanctuary of the Sky Gods

Mild Winter – Prophet of Nothing

Additional Sound Design:

Suonho, X86Cam

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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