/ May 31, 2019

Party Monster: Defeated!

Dance Floor: Crumped Upon!

Feelings: Hurt!

Friendship Status: ????????????

In the aftermath of the Party Monster’s Monster Party, our Boyz parted ways with their newly forged friendship on the rocks.

When Kurt’s show is picked up for a full release and a new cohost is thrown into the mix, fate itself brings them together again!

Their fellowship in question, the Party Boyz must steel themselves for a tangle with strange happenings in a strange land…

Atlanta, Georgia!!!

In this episode:

Promotions! Pararomance! Felix Montreal!

GM: Joseph Leitess / Rodolphe Baptiste: Jonah M. Jackson / Kurt Semen: Andrew Johnson / Robert: Joel Ruiz


Joe Cash – Spanky’s House of Spanks (Vieux Theme)

TabletopAudio.com – Lively Café, Asylum

Purpleplanet.com – Get Happy

The Working Bamboo – March Cloud #17

Catholic Spray – Captain Wolf

United States Army Band – Battle Hymn of the Republic

Additional Sound Design:

InspectorJ, RegonEff, Slappy

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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