/ July 13, 2019

The Boyz are reunited. A plan is made.

Do they have what it takes to save Atlanta?

Do they have the guts to “do a murder?”

And why does Percy have a southern accent if he’s from Philly???

Find out this week in the stunning VIEUX, DEUX finale…

End of the Road.

In this episode:

Stunts. Shots. The Power of Heart.

GM: Joseph Leitess / Rodolphe Baptiste: Jonah M. Jackson / Kurt Semen: Andrew Johnson / Robert: Joel Ruiz


Joseph Cash – Spanky’s House of Spanks (Vieux Theme)

TabletopAudio.com – Warehouse 13, Lively Café

Freedom Trail Studio – Savage

Odonis Odonis – Vampire Cop

Frame – Eyes Like A Wolf

Quincas Moreira – Wicked Things

Aakash Ghandi – The Beauty of Love

Max McFerren – The Boy Got Skills

US Marine Corps Band – America the Beautiful

Bureaucratica – Southern Gothic

Additional Sound Design:

Slappy13, Alecks41

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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