/ March 19, 2020

Chad42069 started a live video!

Join the chat below!


Crango_Unchained: can’t wait for yoga boys

Itsbeckyyall: is that the majors house?

MintyFresh: Hi, Pat. 🙂

Pat_1994_friend: Hi, Mint. 🙂

xX_DeadliftCecil_Xx: #pulloutganesteong!!

Smug_ass_lass: chad u have foam on ur face

itsbeckyyall: Mayors house I mean?

BruceAlrighty: Pat… yikes…

Violetsquirterr: GANG GANG!!!!

Tha_Only_Walker_REAL: damn pat roids much lol jk jk see y’all 2nite

GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Chad: Andrew Johnson / Pat: Joseph Leitess


Try A Music- Roccow

“Soothing Rain” Remix- Jamphibious

Glue- Mikos Da Gawd

We’ll Meet Again- Jeremy Blake

The Missing Link- The Whole Other

O Fortuna- MIT Choir

Cantate Domino- Unknown Choir

Middle Class Man- New Waver

Ambient Sound by TabletopAudio.com and Komiku

Additional Sound Design by Slappy, Kickhat and InspectorJ

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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