/ March 26, 2020

Untitled. Untaught. A bastard.

As removed from grace as from the moon in the sky.

Well. So. He shall have to do.

They that beg may not choose.

In this episode:

Run. Rose. Return.

DM: Joseph Leitess / Jøra: Andrew Johnson / MacGowan: Jonah M. Jackson


Aakash Gandhi- Eyes of Glory

Amulets- Nocturnally

Blue Dot Sessions- Ultima Thule, Thule Racer, Veins of Silver

Daniel Birch- Danger Drone

Kai Engel- Augmentations, Disciples of Steel, Dark Alleys, Walking Stars

Sir Cubworth- Unrequited Love

Ambient sound by TabletopAudio.com

Additional sound design by Slappy

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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