/ April 2, 2020

“…We argue that the emergence and transformation of profit-oriented police services must be understood as part of a larger movement toward the extension of capitalist control over the labor process… policing as piece-work, policing in the industrial age, and policing under corporate capitalism… these arrangements reveal the priorities and reflect the limitations of capitalist development.”

“Privatization and Capitalist Development: The Case of the Private Police”

Steven Spitzer and Andrew T. Scull

Social Problems

Vol. 25, No. 1 (Oct., 1977), pp. 18-29

GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Chad: Andrew Johnson / Pat: Joseph Leitess


Try A Music-Roccow

“Soothing Rain” Remix- Jamphibious

We’ll Meet Again- Jeremy Blake

Maiden Voyage-Jazz at Mladost Club

“Camrade” Remix- Diggi Dis

Also Sprach Zarathustra- Chicago University Orchestra

Lose Yourself (MIDI)- Gary’s Midi Paradise

Techno Man- New Waver

Ambient Sound by Tabletop Audio and Komiku

Additional Sound Design by Slappy, Kickhat and InspectorJ

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