/ July 17, 2020

Alright everyone, take your seats. Today we continue our lecture series on the Keepers. If you do recall, we left off with Virgil and Jacques on the outskirts of Shiitake City. They managed to track down, battle, and capture the wild Butterfree and Venonat that had been causing the chaos out in the farmlands. Ellie’s fire typing put them in an advantageous position, while Chevalier struggled with facing the large and terrible butterfly Pokémon.

We now find the initiates with the old man they rescued from the wild Pokémon. What will the boys do now that they’ve completed their mission? Report back to the fortress immediately, or take care of some other business while they’re in town? What rewards will await them when they return to the Keeper fortress? Let’s find out in our latest installment: Not A Fight Club!

DM: Jonah M. Jackson / Virgil: Andrew Johnson / Jacques: Joseph Leitess


Braxton Burks & Materia Collective – The Adventure Begins, Dreams and Adventures, Oak Research Lab, Sprout Tower

Daniel Ran & Materia Collective – Stories from the Hearth, Heartland’s Sigh

Celestial Aeon Project – Sad Piano

Carl Orff – O Fortuna

Aaron Kenny – Yonder Hill and Dale

TabletopAudio.com – Xingu Nights, Waterkeep, Artist’s Garret, Forest: Day, Hermit Hut

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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