/ September 10, 2020

Alright class, please find your seats. We are continuing our lecture series on the Keepers today as we come back to Virgil and Jacques on their way home to the Keeper Fortress. Where we last left off, the young initiates had staved off an ambush from a couple of vicious predators that had been hunting them in the Shiitake Forest. Following their unlikely success, the boys took a moment to acknowledge their accomplishments before continuing on their way home. After all, they would have quite the journey ahead of them and were certainly looking worse for wear.

We now find the initiates walking through the forest, drawing closer to their destination and bringing an end to their free evening. But these young lads aren’t out of the woods yet – it seems that some adventure still awaits before they can lay their weary heads to rest. What other mysteries lurk in the Shiitake Forest? Will the boys’ past come back to haunt them? And will Jacques attempt to play the lute… again?! Let’s find out in our latest installment: Curious!

DM: Jonah M. Jackson / Virgil: Andrew Johnson / Jacques: Joseph Leitess


Braxton Burks & Materia Collective – The Adventure Begins, Abandoned Ship, Lugia’s Song, Verdanturf Town

Dark Fantasy Studio – Deep, Between Two Worlds

TabletopAudio.com – Forest: Night, The Feywild, In the Shadows, Heart: Briar, Open Ocean, Dark and Stormy, Sunken Treasure, Elven Glade, Hermit Hut, Sea of Moving Ice

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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