/ October 9, 2020

…more than 250 mental institutions were built across America between the mid-1800s and the early 20th century… some are being repurposed as apartments, hotels, and even the new headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security. One of the most significant transformations is in a city in northern Michigan… the old Traverse City State hospital.

“This would have been a men’s ‘most disturbed’ ward,” said developer [REDACTED]….

Now they are condominums.

“…apparently nobody else was willing to step up to try to save it.”

— CBS Interactive Inc. “Old Mental Institutions Are Turning into Apartments and Hotels: ‘This Would Have Been a Men’s “most Disturbed” Ward.'” CBS News, 14 Dec. 2019,

GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Chad: Andrew Johnson / Pat: Joseph Leitess


Simple Gifts- Cooper Cannell

Glue- Mikos da Gawd

O Fortuna- MIT Concert Choir

Animal Crossing Soothing Rain- Overclocked

The Willies- Simon Panrucker

Try A Music- RoccoW

Everyone in Town Wants You Dead- Singing Sadie

Voices in My Head- Quincas Moreira

Ambient music by Komiku and Tabletopaudio.com

Additional sound design by Deleted User, Kickhat, Newagesoup, and the Youtube Audio Library

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