/ October 29, 2020

-account for such differences in wavelength? I would think that novae of such size-



At last.

The Bastard approaches, and Jora as well.

Followed by, I presume, various hirelings and so-forths, trailing in their wake.

We must resume this discussion another time!

In this episode:

Crash. Jar. Caia.

DM: Joseph Leitess / Jøra: Andrew Johnson / MacGowan: Jonah M. Jackson / Najma: Brooke Muriel Ferguson


Aakash Gandhi- Eyes of Glory

All the Empires of the World- Low Devil

Blue Dot Sessions- Ultima Thule

Daniel Birch- Environmental Disaster Zone, Licence to Kill

David Hilowitz- The Bridge Horror

Dan Bodan- Gaia in Fog

Damscray- Twist Science

Doug Maxwell- Tribal War Council

I Think I Can Help You- Gravity Variations

Kai Engel- Beneath the Stronghold

Keoz- Paragon

Ambient sound by TabletopAudio.com, additional sound design by Slappy and Antiprotector

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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