/ March 8, 2021

Hello class, everyone get to your seats, we’ve got a lot to cover today. We are continuing our lecture series on the Keepers, and things are only going to ramp up from here. Where we last left off, Virgil and Jacques had overcome what felt like the universe itself throwing something that they were incredibly ill-equipped for directly at them in the form of two large, territorial bird Pokémon. Their unlikely victory was a strong reminder of the power of wits and the mind over sheer force, and an important confidence boost leading into the encounter to come.

Now that our young Initiates are feeling better about their abilities and Pandora doesn’t feel like she has to babysit them (as much as she did, anyway), our trio of Keepers are making their way into Amanita Town to begin tracking down the beasts threatening the dusty settlement. What do the people of Amanita Town know about the awful creatures? What has happened to the unfortunate souls who have encountered them already? And will Team Catapult get the information they need before the beasts come again? Let’s find out in our latest installment… Amanita Aberrations!

DM: Jonah M. Jackson / Virgil: Andrew Johnson / Jacques: Joseph Leitess


Braxton Burks & Materia Collective – The Adventure Begins, Trouble at Slowpoke Well, The Road to Fallarbor Town

Mikel & Game Chops – Azalea Town

Insaneintherainmusic – Spinda’s Lament

TrackTribe – Walk Through the Park

RoccoW – Try A Music

Coyote Hearing – Fun House

Dark Fantasy Studio – Ashes

TabletopAudio.com – Barren Wastes, Oregon Trail, Spire: New Heaven, Lonesome West, Ghost Town, Medieval Library, True West, Abandoned Windmill, Desert Winds

Here’s a new episode from your friends at The Quest Company!

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