The Regulars:

Andrew Johnson

Characters: Main Quest Dungeon Master, Colt Booth, Cait, Bullwark, Kurt Semen, Ace Washington, Dutch “the Hoss” del Macho (as Ron Tuggnutt), We Few Game Master, Lazarus, Chad, Jøra, Boone, Virgil

He/him. Andrew is a Nashville boy, born and bred. He is a professional actor and graduate of Lipscomb University. He was recently introduced to D&D, but has grown up playing RPGs starting with the OG Baldur’s Gate. He really enjoys creating epic worlds and amazing adventures, and hopes that you all enjoy!

Brooke Muriel Ferguson

Characters: Tabitha, Lindsay Rowland, Margaret Lee, Barbie, Wendy Lawson, Tazzy

She/her. Brooke is a Florida native who came to Nashville to attend Lipscomb University and get her BFA in Theatre. She met Andrew and Jonah at Lipscomb, and their friendship became known as Three’s Company. Come and knock on our doooooooor. She was introduced to D&D by Andrew, her boyfriend who unleashed her inner nerd. 

Joe Cash

Character: Frank the Talking Skeleton, Dr. William Stoisburger Fajitski, Dave Limptriskit, Charles Deadwick, Arnold Palmer (no relation)

He/him. Joe is an actor and musician in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a senior at Belmont University where he’s pursuing a BFA in Theatre Performance. Shakespeare, synths, and snakes are some of his serious interests. Joe started playing D&D here and there his sophomore year with his roommates and friends and is giddy with anticipation for another great adventure. Check out more of Joe’s music at

Joe Leitess

Characters: Inquisitor Corin, Newridge Keeper, Nikolaj Winther, Manifest Game Master, Vieux Keeper, PORTENTS! Game Master, Charlton Brosnan (as Dr. Malcolm Pierce), Cayden Aiden, CIRCLE Dungeon Master, BOUND Dungeon Master, Pat, Fortuna Game Master, Jacques

He/him. Joe is an actor, NYU grad, and Maryland native currently working in Nashville, TN. He loves performing Shakespeare and playing DnD, two activities famous for providing financial security. He realizes that adding more Joes to the podcast is confusing and begs your forgiveness. More about this particular Joe can be found on his website:

Jonah M. Jackson

Characters: Roarke Blackwater, Wendell Akers, X(anathar) Files Dungeon Master, Abraham Claiborne, Rodolphe Baptiste, Crusty, Heaven Valley Heroes Game Master, BEARQUAKE Director, Barbara Campbell, SRKS Game Master, Weaver, MacGowan, VILLAGERS Game Master, Professor Harvard Stanford of Oxford, Kinoko Origins Dungeon Master

He/him. Jonah is an actor and Tennessee native who graduated from Lipscomb University with a BFA in Acting and Directing. He loves classical theatre and improv, and what better way could there be to combine those things than doing improvised storytelling in a super cool fantasy world? He was introduced to D&D by other Shakespeare nerds during a production of Romeo & Juliet and has been hooked ever since! Find out more about Jonah and his work at

Sarah Katherine Zanotti

Characters: Zara, Van D’Voeurs, J.E.5.5.1.E., Harmony, Roxka

She/her. Sarah is so pumped to be a part of The Quest Company! She is a professional actress and started pursuing theatre when she was very young. She has not been playing D&D for very long, but truly loves it. Many thanks as you all wait patiently for her to figure out which dice to use and what numbers to add. She beyond thankful to call these talented artists and goofballs her friends and adventure through life with all of them. More about Sarah at

The Guests:

Dakota Collins

Character: Doria Whitrook

He/him. Dakota spends most of his time drawing things that were in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, writing things that seem like they should be in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or talking about how “this one time, in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign,” though oddly enough doesn’t spend much time actually playing Dungeons and Dragons. When he does, he’s glad it can be with his adult friends on their cool podcast.

Amos Raymond Glass

Character: Pepper Minstix, Scooter

He/him. My name is Amos Glass and I am the Director of Community Engagement at Nashville Repertory Theatre and the Hospitality Director for the Ingram New Works Project. I get the opportunity to work with Nashville Rep’s patrons, ticket buyers, donors, board, artists, and theatre community sharing my love and passion for theatre everyday. I also have the privilege of sharing Nashville each year with the Ingram New Works Playwrights by taking them for meals, showing Nashville magic, and being their pal and confidant. My job entails development, marketing, ticketing, events, management, and hospitality. Some have called me “The Glue,” and I am honored for that nickname.

Experienced theatre professional with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Acting, Event Planning, Ticketing, Development, Customer Service, Hospitality Management, and Musical Theatre. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Theater and Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

DéYonté Jenkins

Character: A.D.A.M.

He/him. DéYonté graduated with a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from The University of Evansville in 2016, and he has been a working artist here in Nashville ever since.  A native of Tennessee, he has performed on multiple stages in the Nashville area including Nashville Children’s Theatre, Tennessee Repertory Theatre and Manna From Heaven Dinner House. You may have also caught a glimpse of him in a few episodes of the T.V. series Nashville.

Delaney Keith

Characters: Alcor, Genovia Gingersnap

She/her. #cornfacts

David Ian Lee

Character: Dick Harrison (as Ted “Teddy” Checkmate)

He/him. Born and raised in Southern California, David received his BFA in Acting and Directing from the University of Arizona and his MFA in Directing from Illinois State University.  David is also a proud graduate of New York’s William Esper Studio, where he studied with William Esper and Terry Knickerbocker. David currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a full-time faculty member in the theatre area at Tennessee State University.

David is a founding member of Pipeline-Collective, an organization that proudly declares “We are not a theatre company.” Rather, Pipeline-Collective is “the actors, the writers, the theatremakers who seek from time to time to bring the best and the new and the undiscovered from larger markets to the places where we are.”  For more information, please visit

Nat McIntyre

Character: Jeptha Bredesen

He/him. Nat McIntyre grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and received his B.A. from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston. Immediately following graduation, McIntyre spent a year running a theater program, youth group, and working in a local orphanage as a volunteer with Veritas in Sighisoara, Romania. He then lived in Boston for six years and worked as a professional actor and director with theaters including The Huntington, Speakeasy Stage, and The Boston Publick. He also began his teaching journey as an adjunct professor at Eastern Nazarene College.

In 2006, he attended the top classical theater training program in the United States, receiving his M.F.A. from The Old Globe at The University of San Diego in 2008. After appearing in numerous professional productions with The Old Globe and founding a bilingual training program with the theater he moved to New York City in 2008. In New York, Nat worked and taught Off Broadway with Epic Theater Ensemble and various regional theaters in that region as well as starting his TV and film career with principal roles on Law & Order: CI, The Good Wife, & Elementary. Before leaving New York, Nat produced his own devised piece, “Jester’s Dead: A Top Gun Shakesparody” at The Pit and spent a year on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning production of War Horse.

Since coming to Nashville, he has continued to act and direct with the Studio Tenn, Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Actors Bridge Ensemble, Nashville Repertory Theatre, Verge Theatre Company, and Pipeline Collective as well as teaching at Lipscomb University, Belmont University, Tennessee State University, and Trevecca Nazarene College. He came on as a full time professor at Lipscomb in 2017. Most importantly, he met his wife here in Nashville in 2008 and cannot believe how blessed they are to live in their favorite city with their dog and their two children.

Joel Ruiz

Characters: Edward Valender, Robert

He/Him. One of the hosts/GM of @criticalbitcast, host of @criticaltipshow, creator and editor of @pokemonrevolt, and OG founder of @whyladiesnight

Nelson Tilley

Character: Dan Dantonite

He/him. Nelson “Lil Till Till” Tilley is such a legend that he requires no bio. But even if he did, he would forget to send it to Jonah and Jonah would just put some BS in the bio section for him. 

JUST KIDDING! That would never happen, because Lil Till Till never forgets.

David Torres-Fuentes

Character: Big Daddy

He/him. David is an actor, avid puppeteer and
aspiring professional clown. As an actor, some of his past roles include Boy in Dragons Love Tacos, Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, Bernard in Nobody to Murder, White Rabbis, March Hair, and Dormouse in Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, and Mick in Pipeline-Collective’s production of Wellesley Girl. As a puppeteer, David’s work has been featured in Little Shop of Horrors and Cinderella.